Dear Reader…

Everyone needs a space that is uniquely her own: a place for expression, reflection, creativity, a place to just be. You, Dear Reader, have stumbled onto one of mine. You’ll find here the letters of my heart, postcards from a life-long journey in trusting God. I also have this thing for teaching what I know —for sharing the lessons that I myself have learned. You won’t find anything here as advice for you that hasn’t already been a marinated message for me. Unlike my Instagram page, which is carefully and prayerfully curated with miniature musings, this site allows for deeper deliberations and offers a longer look at my process, if you care to have it. That means, prepare to settle in with some tea and a cookie, you may be here for a while.

Whether it be written or any other form of creative work. I enjoy when my art is enjoyed, when it inspires or incites, when it lingers on the palate after lingering on my ‘palette’, when it lights a fire or ignites an unidentified desire, writing that makes you smile in spite of yourself and warm down to your toes. Similarly, I’ve found that there’s something deeply gratifying about using the gifts I’ve been given to serve others — to lift you up, give you something to think about, or rest in — all of this is why I’m here.

So of course you’re welcome to stay, but whether or not you choose to, I’ll be here as often as I can, because frankly I think I will go mad if I don’t. I’m learning every day to appreciate my unique voice, my treasure in a jar of clay, this fire in my bones. One thing I can promise you is this…

I shall not mimic other scribes

In statement or reply

For if I write as others do

Who then shall write as I?

Unapologetically yours,



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