Faith is Taking Me Places

I'm welcoming a guest blogger to itspronouncedtao for the first time! Sueann Tannis is a long time friend and a brilliant thought leader and I know you will love what she has to share with you about crazy faith moves and keeping anchored when you're off the ground!

Engineered Tension: Walking the Tightrope Between “Day to Day” and “Dare to Dream” Part 3

Remember Philippe Petit? He's the guy whose journey along a tightrope strung between New York City's legendary Twin Towers, has inspired millions—myself included—and hopefully, now you. If you don't, it's because you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this article and you should definitely go back and catch up. Last time I shared three... Continue Reading →

Degrees of Separation

The unpleasant dwells. It stays in my mind the same way the feeling of being suspended in the waves remains long after I have left the water. I lie in my bed after a good day at the beach and can still feel the movement of the ocean around me. The pleasant dwells too.

No is a Verb

‘No’ is a verb i.e. a doing word.  Talented folks, creative people, most moms, and general overachievers: Don’t ever feel like the ‘no’ you struggle against having to give, makes you a lesser person, will rob you of some unreclaimable opportunity, or speaks in any way to your inability to operate in the excellence for... Continue Reading →

Child Care Bored

The day the news report was released I posted it to my timeline in utter indignation, lifting a frustrated prayer for what seemed an improbable miracle—Lord would you turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers!A young king had fallen. Forever. And the whole island... Continue Reading →

It Still Takes A Village

It wasn’t just about not sparing the rod, these were the social networks of the past. Decent folks felt like they had a vested interest in training up a child in the way he should go. Sharing was caring, giving was living. These were different times. But maybe we can get a bit of that back.

Time To Level Up

Anyone who’s ever owned a vehicle knows the challenges of keeping it maintained and ensuring that it stays in continuous running function. It’s a bit of a work in progress, but a labour of love all the same. A husband and wife team of amateur mechanics—family and a really great couple, swear by this sage advice for keeping your car in tip top shape: Always check your levels!

There’s A Fine Line

Jesus used natural, pre-existing boundaries to His advantage, allowing the mistakes and triumphs of yesterday to fade away. Maybe your yesterday was a mass of confusion; people walked all over you, or you surrendered time and energy to things that provided no good return on investment. Today let’s try something new!

It's the first crisp day of Autumn in Florida. Stepping out the house this morning the air smells of pumpkin and leaves, with that Christmas-is-coming coolness filtering the customary Florida heat. The change in temperature was so long in coming that the likelihood of it happening almost seemed like a figment of my imagination. The... Continue Reading →

Be Bold For Change

Boldness is not a personality trait, but a character trait—the product of a life lived with integrity. It’s that type of boldness forged in the secret places of the heart, and staged in the mundane situations of life.

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